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IV Therapy

  • The Quencher is full of Vit C, B complex and a special mineral blend that rehydrates, detoxes, restores essential vitamins, reduces inflammation, fights fatigue and improves circulation.  $120 
  • The Energizer Bunny –If you need a pick-me-up  this IV  burns fat, boosts metabolism and improves athletic performances with our special blend of b complex and amino acids.  $120 
  • Give it a Glow—Let your inner beauty shine with this IV that fortifies hair, skin and nails, and rehydrates tired skin. It contains Vit C, B complex and biotin.  $110 
  • The Classic Myers Cocktail—Alleviate your stress, improve energy and increase your immunity with this oxidating hydrating cocktail. It reduces pain for myalgia and migraines and contains Magnesium, B complex, Vit B12, Calcium and vitamin C. $130 
  • The Rocky Balboa—Protect yourself from infection, improve healing and build your immune system with this IV of Vitamin C, B complex and zinc.  $130 
  • The Morning after—For those who partied a little too much last night, this IV of B complex, toradol and zofran can help you bounce back in no time. (Oh, and kick that migraine, too!) $100



Advantages of IV Therapy 

Why would I go to an IV clinic?

1. Build Immunity

Our IV’s have vitamins and minerals that can build your immunity and strengthen your body’s ability to fight infections.

2. Rehydration

IV therapy is an immediate way to get fluids into your body when you need it.  It could be after a night of partying or an illness that left you dehydrated.  You’ll feel better quickly!

3. Custom IV therapy

Different people have different needs and we can customize your IV therapy to fit your specific goals and needs. 

 4. I need a Boost!

People that suffer from chronic illnesses sometimes just need a little energy boost.  In our IV’s, we add Vitamin B, Vitamin C and other nutrients that can help perk you up!

5. Beauty Within

Our beauty blend is specially formulated for hair and skin.  The anti-oxidant formula can give your skin that glow and help strengthen and nourish your hair.

6. Vitamin and Nutrient Absorption

Estimates are between 10-50% for vitamin absorption taken orally.  When administered IV, vitamin and nutrient absorption can be as high as 90%. Sometimes, people have problems absorbing vitamins. By passing the digestive system, they nutrients are absorbed immediately.

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