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Though it feels like a bad headache, a migraine is more than that. These neurological events make it hard for you to function, interfering with work, school, and daily life. Many conventional therapies don’t work for migraine sufferers. At Scottsdale Ketamine Clinic, the team offers low-dose ketamine infusions as a way to reduce instances of migraines and their symptoms. Call the Scottsdale, Arizona or Phoenix, Arizona office or use the online tool to book your appointment to learn more about ketamine therapy for migraines.


What are migraines?

Migraines often show up as intense, blinding headaches that usually cause pain on one side of the head. You can also experience other symptoms, including:

  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Light flashes, blind spots, and zig-zag lines

Up to 4 million Americans experience migraines chronically, meaning more than 15 times each month. Chronic migraines can be disabling. Their symptoms last 4-72 hours without treatment. Their severity varies with each episode.

What causes migraines?

Researchers aren’t entirely sure why people experience migraines. Women are more prone to migraines than are men. They do seem to have a genetic component.

Certain triggers set off migraines in some people. These include the food additives MSG and aspartame and foods like chocolate, alcohol, and aged cheese. Environmental conditions, like bright lights and flickering images, can also set off a migraine. Lifestyle factors like poor sleep, stress, and dehydration are other possible triggers of migraines.

Can ketamine reduce migraine symptoms?

Migraine treatment can include medications, chiropractic care, narcotics, trigger avoidance, and lifestyle changes. However, many people with migraines find that these treatments don’t work. The pain of migraines persists and is life-altering. Other people get relief from these treatments at first, but they gradually become less and less effective.

When other treatments fail, ketamine infusions could offer relief. Ketamine blocks neurotransmitters from reaching specific receptors in your brain that are important to the development of pain.

Ketamine can provide short-term relief for migraine sufferers and has the potential to offer long-term relief.

Who is a candidate for ketamine migraine treatment?

People who regularly suffer from migraines and find that more conventional treatments, like pain medications, don’t relieve their pain could be candidates for ketamine infusion therapy.

Ketamine’s way of relieving migraine pain is different from other therapies, so it might just work for people who have no success with medications and lifestyle changes.

Another benefit of ketamine therapy is that it doesn’t cause the unwanted side effects of conventional migraine treatments.

If you suffer from regular migraines and want relief, call Scottsdale Ketamine Clinic today or use the online tool to schedule your appointment.